An innovative technology by Aratos Group

Cloud on Tap is the ecosystem that covers the following needs:

Information record and storage from easy accessible points.

Easily read information with any smartphone.

Possibility for vice-versa tracking.

Quick transfer of information.

Efficient handling of useful Big Data.

Reliable solution.

Secure solution.

Low cost solution.


What It Does..


Creates a multi-layered ecosystem of interconnected informative carriers - COTICs.


Creates an infocentric and continuously updated online environment.


Creates information available on-the-move.


Provides information available in any place, any time.


Transfers of information in a reliable and secure way.


Delivers information in an easily customizable way.

Our Solutions


A new application of technology designed to assist paramedics and first-responders in the case of a medical emergency situation.

Operates through a secure connection between the wearer’s wristband/key fob/card and the responder’s NFC enabled smartphone.

Grants instant access to critical medical information that the wearer has chosen to disclose such as name, allergies, known medical conditions, emergency number, vital medication or any other message.

Records and keeps track of the user’s health status, medical history, prescribed drugs, past incidents and health insurance details, expediting doctor’s work during an examination.

A lifesaving, simple to use web platform for the medical industry at low cost.



A reliable and low cost bracelet for documentation and retrieval of medical data using Blockchain technology.

Easy access and data retrieval from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop pc equipped with NFC.

Unlimited data capacity, with 100% personal medical blockchain data protection, as provided by Blockchain technology.

Deal with the incident on-the-spot and in real-time, by connecting the patient directly with those who come for help.

Fast data transfer with confidentiality and safety guaranteed by Blockchain technology and security protocols, as determined by the European Union.

id on tap


A police force assistance communication platform used to connect security officers with their headquarters using Near Field Communications and their smartphones.

Allows the transmission of live, multimedia information by the patrol guard as well as receiving messages, tasks and planned routes in selected checkpoints through his smartphone.

Significantly enhances security awareness, risk assessment and response time during emergency situations.

Fully customizable via an online platform allowing remote necessary configurations and instant access in all the information sent by the device.

An innovative security support application of web cloud technologies, implemented simply, safely and at low cost.

asset management


A holistic asset management platform used to procure, manage and transmit related infocentric data

provides real time information on buildings, equipment, vehicles, human resources and facility security status via an interactive online platfrom.

Implements an effective online monitoring system on asset management through a personalized, electronic identification system.

Drastically enhances the intercommunication capabilities through a safe, smartphone accesible software platform.

A secure, easy to use, cost effective solution using Near Field Communications, mobile smartphones and web Cloud technologies.

cars on tap


An innovative holistic platform used to manage and communicate infocentric data for the maintenance industry between cars and technicians.

Grants instant access to real time information on maintenance log of cars and any devices in them via an interactive online platform.

Integrates an advanced monitoring system of car maintenance workflow, service status and personnel data.

Accessible from any smartphone by technicians, provides effective assistance on proper coordination and strict inspection of routine maintenance of cars.

A safe, low-cost, simple to implement monitoring method using Internet of Things technologies.

service on tap


A new Internet of Things secure platform of NFC technology for the yachting industry administrators and their technical teams.

Designed to assist yacht owners, flotillas operators and marinas by providing up to date information on the maintenance log of the yachts, buildings, materials and equipment.

Monitors effectively the maintenance workflow, service status and personnel data on a designated customized web environment.

Provides instant access and real time interaction to the technicians from any smartphone or tablet “at a tap”.

A secure communications, registration, identification and tracking supporting platform for the yachting industry at low cost.



An integrated distributed communication platform used to record and store vital information in selected reference points in a city.

Administers information available to citizens anywhere, anytime and on the go via an infocentric, web-based environment with real time updates.

Capable of offering interactive communication between users’ smartphones and reference points.

Manages and procures personalized information in a secure and reliable way through an easily customizable environment.

An effective, reliable “big data” management solution for serving citizens across the city from many information points.

art on tap


An advanced informational platform used to enhance the multimedia experience of museum’s visitors.

Provides a secure connection between museum’s points of interest and users’ smartphones or tablets via an interactive online platform.

Offers an immersive visitor experience through extensive multilingual and multimedia content in a user friendly environment.

Capability of adding fully customizable browser multimedia information by the museum regarding the selected works of art.

A holistic approach in enriching museum’s visitors’ experience safely, simply and at low cost.



sos4pet is a simplistic, low cost id badge that can literally save your little one’s life.

It contains all the vital information someone would need to know in order to reach you in case your furry ball gets lost or runs away scared.

sos4pet id badge can host any additional vital information.

sos4pet can be read by any smartphone on the spot with NFC enabled.

It comes in a super attractive price without having to take your little friend to the vet to register and/or to read its chip.

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